Lino printing onto a wooden floor.

The floor before varnishing.

Lino print onto a wooden floor?-Yes, it is possible. It not only looks unique, one of a kind and original, it has also been easy to clean and practical even in a really busy household of 3 kids, 2 adults and a cat. We ripped out our old lino in the kitchen and vacuumed the wooden MDF floor boards in preparation for printing directly onto the wood.

Cost wise I paid for the lino block 10cm x 14cm (tiny I know)$8 and for the black water based block ink $18.99. TIME was my biggest expense. It took myself and my husband about 10 hours over 2 weeks to hand press the image onto the wooden floor. Each section of about 20 images hand printed, had to dry then we could VARNISH it with a clear wood varnish from Bunnings, $15. Again we had to wait for that section of the floor to dry before we could use it and begin printing the next section.

At the end of the 2 weeks we LOVED the look and because we created it ourselves we didn’t mind the kitchen chaos over that period of time. Fancy doing a similar project?- let me know how you go!