Linoprint: an earthy, hand crafted, rugged trend.

“StarFishBird” Collection, Lynn Mack Studio, 2016.

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and with so many handcrafted-style graphic prints and papers around it’s hard to weed out the original hand pressed Fine Art products. The overlap between the 2 “classes” has come to a head with Ecofriendly; Sustainable; Recyclable; Recycled; Renewable all being the common buzz words. It’s an earthy, hand crafted, rugged trend which I for one adore. As a lino printer, the art of carving and cutting is an important almost primal instinct, the digging and scraping into the block to work the design out. The hand pressing of the image onto paper varies each time depending on ink application and the weight with which the image has been pressed with. Hours go by as I repeat a print onto meters of paper or fabric. It’s methodical and repetitive good for my brain stimulation. After a print run is complete the satisfaction is a high five and a whoop of YES I DID IT! Finished! Result. For me it’s got to be handcrafted all the way, lumps, bumps and all.