Lynn is a contemporary still life and landscape artist from Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow in Ireland. She loves drinking tea, exploring new lands, archaeology and painting anything that has a beautiful pattern. Her parents are Irish & German and in 2014 she emigrated with her husband & 3 kids to sunny Adelaide, South Australia where they live near the sea with their crazy cat.

Living in Adelaide has opened up a whole new world of light and colour for her as an artist. The land is a dry, desert climate which grows many stunning succulents, cacti and plant life with incredible shapes and patterns. These feature in Lynn’s artwork alongside tribal markings of lines and dots which help her feel connected to her Irish past intertwined with her Australian present. She loves to paint fresh, loose backgrounds of colour onto canvas and paper then make detailed lines and marks with pens and paint similar to the etching and engraving process which she learned at art college in Dublin.

Lynn completed a BA hons in Fine Art in 1999 specializing in Printmaking in the I.A.D.T. in Ireland and she is a member of the Bittondi printmaking studios in Adelaide exhibiting  paintings and prints regularily in Australia. Lynn also enjoys art tutoring and has completed a Wellness and Art certificate through the University of Tasmania combining her love of Art with Aged Care work.

You can view or purchase my work at the following Galleries & Licensing companies:

  • The Merrion School of Music, 78 Merrion Square, Dublin 1.
  • The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Enniskerry, County Dublin.
  • Flinder’s University Archaeology Department, Bedford Park, Adelaide, SA. 2016 History Festival.
  • Kapunda Art Gallery, Kapunda, 5373, South Australia.
  • Art Images Gallery, Norwood, Adelaide.
  • Wild Apple Art, Vermont, USA.